The Concourse Film Festival is a year round Festival, hosting four events a year (one for each season). With a market flooded with new and old film festivals, the Concourse Film Festival strives to set itself apart by focusing on giving financial opportunities to artists and supporting different artists with a variety of events year around. 

Standing as a platform for independent filmmaking, creative expression and immersive entertainment, establishing different events throughout the year, celebrating comedy, poetry, visual arts, entrepreneurship, stage dance, acting and singing performances, as well as broadening the possibilities of different artistic venues. The Concourse Film Festival supports emerging and established voices, strives to discover award-winning filmmakers, curates innovative and interactive experiences, and introduces new technology and ideas through panels, premieres, exhibitions, and live performance.The Concourse Film Festival also prides itself in bringing opportunities for under represented artists, each festival event focusing on a different group of artists.

This year, we are focusing on Bronx Filmmakers, showcasing the talent that exists here, in our home city!